Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Amplifier Project, The Lama Kazu 8SE

It started as an attempt to create something like the Kalamazoo Model 1, but with more gain, better tone control and a master volume.

  • Single-ended, ~8W RMS (Clean); ~11W (Full distortion).
  • Preamp tubes: 2×ECC83. Power tube: 1×7591.
  • Speaker: Jensen C8R

Cabinet is FSC-certified pine, finished with Tried & True wood finish (hand-rubbed Linseed & Beeswax product). Grill cloth is Marshall "cane".

(Partly-visible bottom shielding is 6" wide aluminum flashing tacked to cabinet.)

Built in a Hammmond 13.5" × 5" × 2" aluminum chassis box. I forgot to take a picture of the circuit before final assembly, so here is an early image with just the power supply underway, and heatsink hemostats protecting a diode:

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