Friday, November 21, 2008

Teaser: Lama Kazu 12PP

It may be a while before concrete evidence of the next electronic project shows up here, but here's a little teaser and progress schematic for the next amplifier, the Lama Kazu 12PP. It will be a 15-ish watt push pull with 6CM6s for the output (they're 6V6s in noval bottles). The preamp will be:

Input -> 6AU6 -> Gain control -> 12AV7 gain stage (DC-coupled between sections) -> Tone stack (Probably BM-Π) -> Volume control -> Sunn/Dynaco style 6AN8 pentode recovery dc coupled to cathodyne.

I'm going to use a gain control that rolls off the bass as drive is increased to smooth out the distortion.

Coming soon: Repairing my friend Ray's Pearl King concertina.

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