Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last Christmas, I got my wife a Creative Zen X-Fi 2 media player. It came with one game, Sudoku and the Creative labs website didn't have any others to download; recently a little searching showed that they had released an Application Development Kit for the player. The kit is really just a simulator and a document describing the API. Programming on the X-Fi 2 is done with the text esditor of your choice in Lua, which I'd never used but turned out not to be that hard. Structurally, it's a lot like LISP (which I knew from developing AutoCAD extensions) but with a more straightforward syntax.

I just finished making my first game, a version of the classic memory game Concentration. There are screenshots on this post, and you can download the package (Free, distributed under GPL) here:

Even if you don't have the Zen, you can play it on the simulator that's part of the ADK above.