Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Tube Technology behind Ghost in the Museum

A brief update because Ghost in the Museum by Diane Marie Kloba was released today, and I used some of my homebrew gear in recording my parts for the album:

My BoxHead amplifier was used for the baritone guitar part that's featured throughout the track "Rescued".  It was close-mic'd with an Electro-Voice N/D-468 dynamic, one of my favorite all purpose dynamics. The guitar itself is the Danelectro 63 that I upgraded a while ago:

My re-worked LK5H DI Box was used for the baritone guitar (including EBow passage) on "Only Summer Brings":

The LK5H was also used for the parallel EBow guitar parts on "A Thousand Pretty Strings". I really liked using it on the EBow because it simplified recording, and because the guitars have such a "hot" signal level when driven by the EBow that the pentode input on the LK5H gets some nice clipping character:

Bonus track: This was released on Soundcloud last year and is not part of any album. I played the lead guitar part on "Aching" through my Buffalo Box B175 and my Lama Kazu 8SE Amplifier.  I recorded with a Cascade Vin-Jet ribbon mic.